Discovering monitoring systems at Roman Forum…and not only!

A fascinating Field Trip on geotechnical and structural monitoring has been organized at the Roman Forum of Rome, on 29th May 2019. As happened last years, you could learn more about the monitoring systems, strolling among the ancient ruins of Basilica of Maxentius and the Temple of Venus and Roma!

Moreover, you will have the great chance to attend at the practical demonstrations performed by international leading partners (manufacturers and expert technicians) in the geotechnical monitoring field, thus showing and providing information about the most innovative solutions for this sector.












The Field Trip will be organized in connection with

the IcGSM, but it will be opened to geologists,

engineers, architects or academics who want

to join us for this unique experience.

Pratical demonstrations will be performed by:

Sponsor slots are available!

Field Trip 2017_9

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